"I am a fashion designer from Hungary. From my graduation of the Design Academy of Budapest, my activity has got a deep addiction about shoes.

I create shoe sculptures in my atelier. I use traditional shoemaking technics, make the pattern, cut, sew the upper part, make the sole, heel, mix leather with fur and textiles, rubber,metal and artificial materials like plastic.

These pieces are design samples which stand to the level of art, a special concept to trendforecasts, like an individual design line.

These pieces could be applied to industrial manufacture production after a special re-design. As time goes by, I have noticed nearly all of my design attributes in the high-end fashion houses's collection later then I created my lines.

A shoe is an art-object. Beyond functionalism there's an abstract presence of the shoe. I am looking for the possible widest range of abstraction in shoe design."

Born 1964

Educations 1983-87 MOME University of Art and Design / Budapest

1987 Designer Diploma / fashion and shoe design

Design Prizes

2006 I.Prize of Pirmasens Leather and More Trend forecast Design Competition, Germany

1990 Budaflax Linen Co.Fashion Design Course II.prize

Individual exhibitions

2012 Trafik Kör Contemporary Art Association /  Dabas, Hungary

2003 Barokoko ELDA Museo del Calzado, Alicante-Elda / Spain

2002 Barokoko Weissenfels, Augustusburg / Germany

2002 Barokoko Deutsches Ledermuseum Schuhmuseum Offenbach Germany

2000 Pasa 57 Gallery / Budapest 

1996 V.A.M. Design Centre Budapest

Collective exhibitions

2017 Sole Expression, The Art of the Shoe / Oklahoma Science Museum / Oklahoma, USA

2017 National Salon / Műcsarnok Art Hall / Budapest, Hungary

2017 Páratlanok / Móra Ferenc Múzeum / Szeged, Hungary

2017 Eunique / Karlsruhe, Germany

2014 Péter Pál Galéria Gulyás Judit and Attalai Zita / Szentendre, Hungary

2013 Fészek Galéria Bráda Judit and Attalai Zita / Budapest,Hungary

2011 Art in everyday / Egon Schiele Art Center / Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

2010 Rítus Museion I.Nemzetközi Kerámiastúdió Kiállítóterme / Budapest, Hungary

2010 Crazy about Shoes / Landesmuseum / Mainz, Germany

2009 Fészek Galéria / Budapest

2009 Schuhtick / Übersee Museum / Bremen, Germany

2008 Schuhtick / Westfalisches Landesmuseum / Herne, Germany

2008 Kengat Skor / Tikanoja Art Museum / Vaasa, Finnland

2006 Szívügyek / Művészet Malom Szentendre,Hungary

2005 Feathers and furs in fashion accessories Übersee Museum / Bremen, Germany

2001 Millennium Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, Art Hall / Budapest, Hungary      

2000 ERNST Museum, Gallery Dorottya / Budapest, Hungary

1995 Textivál Collective textile art exhibition / Budapest Margaret Island, Hungary

1994 Fashion and Visuality / Berlin, Germany

1994 Museum of Arts and Crafts  / Budapest, Hungary

1992 Offline fashion show / Wien, Austria

1991 CONFIGURA I.International Exhibition of Contemporary Art /

     Gallery am Fischmarkt / Erfurt, Germany

1990 Fashion and Visuality / ERNST Museum / Budapest, Hungary

1991 OFFLINE fashion show / Wien, Austria


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Parts of common collections

2003 ELDA Museocalzado / Alicante / Spain

2001 Offenbach Ledermuseum / Offenbach, Germany

2002 Weisselfels- Augustusburg / Weissenfels, Germany

2000 Wunderl Gallery / Sollenau, Austria

1996 V.A.M. Design Center / Budapest, Hungary

1994 Museum of Arts and Crafts Budapest, Hungary / Contemporary Art collection

2015 Museum of Arts and Crafts Budapest, Hungary / Contemporary Art collection


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Someone has written it - a quote from a German newspaper:
“The lines between the work of the cobbler, fashion designer and artist are often blurred. These creators are in constant dialog with one other and also inspire each other. Thus, some shoes are specially designed, but still wearable fashion pieces, while other shoes are pure objects of art.”