« A shoe is an art-object. Beyond functionalism there’s an abstract presence of the shoe. I am looking for the possible widest range of abstraction in shoe design. » / Attalai Zita /

Born 1964 February
Educations 1983-87 MOME University of Art and Design / Budapest

« After my graduation at the Design Academy of Budapest my activity has got a deep addiction to shoe sculptures although I define myself as an industrial designer. My individual artistic line is creating shoe sculptures myself in my atelier which are design samples and stand as objects of art – especially for trendforecast concepts.

Beside my everyday practice I have projects that I am working on, see more in Projects 

“The lines between the work of the cobbler, fashion designer and artist are often blurred. These creators are in constant dialog with one other and also inspire each other. Thus, some shoes are specially designed, but still wearable fashion pieces, while other shoes are pure objects of art. » I find these quote represents my thoughts about shoe design quite well. This was written in the press release and on the official site of the german Schuhtick exhibition 2008
« Ferdinand Scholz: Life is good, art is beautiful. Shoe, only you can exist in both. »

Memberships: Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists 2017 Budapest Hungary connected to AIAP (Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques)  IAA (International Association of Art) TRAFIK KÖR Contemporary Art Association 2011 Dabas Hungary

from 2002 Art Director of ZIALE Design Studio

2019- President of the Cultural Foundation for the Textile Arts Hungary

Prizes, acknowledgements:

2020 – BigSEE Product Design Award 2020 for HeelGood product design

2006 – I.Prize of PLW Design Award Pirmasens,Germany

2019 – Holder of Ferenczy Noémi Prize, Hungarian State Applied Art Award, Budapest, Hungary

2019 – The Artist of the year 2019 – TRAFIK KÖR Contemporary Art Association, Dabas Hungary

Emplacement Budapest Hungary, Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail attalaizita@gmail.com Heures copyright 2019 Attalai Zita photo credits / Almási J. Csaba - Jederán György - Kis István - Mester Tibor - Zsuffa Csaba
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