Curly and Geometric

Sister of Curly Sue 2003-74 / I.prize award winner of « PLW Leather and more » Trendforecast Design Award 2006 Pirmasens, Germany
My tiny little blue beetle 2001 / property of ELDA Museocalzado, Elda-Alicante, Spain
Curly Sue 2002 / Offenbach Leder-, und Schuhmuseum, Offenbach, Germany
Christmas tree 2002
Christmas tree 2002
Girlfriend og Curly Sue 2003-73
Striped Canary 2003-83
Metal shark II. 2003-87
My secret has got a flower,too…2003-72 / hommage á Pedro Almodóvar

Lace table cloth 2001-66
Greenforest 2001
Nautilus I. 2001-69
Nautilus II. 2003-88
Silver Cream 2003-73
DONE Flourish around Bridal shoes collection for HALASZEVA Haute Couture Salon 2021/22
Emplacement Budapest Hungary, Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail Heures copyright 2019 Attalai Zita photo credits / Almási J. Csaba - Jederán György - Kis István - Mester Tibor - Zsuffa Csaba
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