HeelGood for Drivers

What is this?

This is a flexible shoe counter-backside protector to avoid the damage of your shoe while you drive. Zita created and led the construction industrial design development works of this product. As a shoe designer it was a great challenge for her to proceed the whole work step by step from her sketches to the injection engeneering till the image campaign of the item. The idea of HeelGood came from her business partner Anna Czifra and Zita created and visualized the entire look.
Love your shoes? Take care of them with HeelGood!

HeelGood elastic shoe – counter protector is Big SEE Product design Award Winner / August 5, 2020

photo & video : Zsichla Máté, Varga András

Flat shoes? High heels? It fits most of the shoe types either sneakers or pumps, see more

photo: Dénes Balázs

Registered design under EUIPO reg.no. 006031001-0001 Made in EUROPE SZTNH D1400216-92344

Checkout process still in hungarian language, so in case any inquiery from outside of Hungary, please contact the product management at: info@heelgood.hu

photo & video : Zsichla Máté, Varga András, Dénes Balázs

Emplacement Budapest Hungary, Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail attalaizita@gmail.com Heures copyright 2019 Attalai Zita photo credits / Almási J. Csaba - Jederán György - Kis István - Mester Tibor - Zsuffa Csaba
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