Footwear of folk origin cards

This group represents 27 shoes and footwear types of folk origin from the ancient ages till 20th century’s most unknown pieces.

We are taking you to a tour around the Globe by the footwear culture of  geographical regions in our info-booklet. We start from Central-Europe, Hungary and move south towards Serbia and further to Turkey, Greece, Morocco and then to Spanish landscapes. Then we turn north to The Netherlands, Scotland and Finnland and the North Pole. Crossing over to America we are heading from north to the south. There we find the moccasins, the totonacs and crossing over to Africa to meet Ugandan ankoles. From there we continue our journey over to Asia where we meet the chappans and padukas of India. Finally we reach the Far East where we look around the footwear culture of China and Japan.

This is a special package containing 27 x 2 cards, this is an expanded package with plus 9 x 2 more issue and also the Info Book is thicker, it has 44 pages.

The first limited edition Footwear of folk origin package of Myshoememory Collection was launched in December 2021 and now is available for individual customers too, directly from the Shoememory Team, here:

We will confirm the details about the price and the pick-up point by email.

Looking forward to your requests,

Zita and Rosa, the Shoememory Team

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