Myshoememory is an extraordinary party board game collection. The concept focuses on shoe design, its history and ethnography. The genre models were custom drawn, coloured and patterned by the author of Myshoememory board game, Attalai Zita shoe designer.

Shoe history package

It is based on the memory game system. The gammultiple boxes, each box contains 2×18 ( or the expanded publishing contain 2×27 ) cardboard cards. On the front side it shows the unique colour scheme and the name of the shoe type in four languages. The back is patterned with the author’s coloured logo. The task is to find and the pairs.

The Myhoememory collection consists of eight different card sets that present 144 shoe types according to the following themes: Signature shoes, Man Formal shoes, Woman Formal shoes, Shoe History, Footwear of folk origin, Sport shoes and Sneakers, Woman and Man Streetwear shoes. The first 4 editions were published between 2018-2020 in Hungary, Budapest and now they are available in Museum shops, design galleries and bookshops. More about where to buy

Footwear of folk origin package

Throughout the game all ages can experience the history of the world’s most well-known fashion accessories, gender-based genres, their favourite features and functions – including legendary models made by designers and customers as cultist in the 20th century.

Formal shoes Men & Women | Signature shoes packages

During the game the designer invites all those who want to associate the well-known memory game experiences with useful and trend-sensitive knowledge, and those who are committed to the traditionally-conscious, form-sensitive and unusual line of footwear.

Each pack contains an Info Brief Booklet with instructional description and additional information illustrated by the card package that completes the game.

Shoe history cards and the Info Booklet

When there are multiple card collections in one game at the same time (for example in case Woman’s and Man’s formal shoes are played together) then the contents of the infotainment packets are comparable to the standard dress-code requirements, so you can give the participants an extraordinary and proactive approach.

Historical and ethnographic inspirational memory packs help you identify (time span and location) the historical significance of footwear, the variety of traditions and wearing functions. Find out more about it, here.

Footwear of folk origin package

 We accept individual orders, so in case of inquery please contact us by email and we will check our stock:

All rights reserved © 2018 Attalai Zita PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04  curated by Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale ISBN 978-963-12-9958-8

Formal shoes | Women package

Myshoememory is now a part of the great presentation of Virtual Shoe Museum which provides cultural design informations focused on the fashion accessory called SHOE .The project is curated by Liza Snook / Netherlands, find out more about here

Have an enjoyable time with family and friends!

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