Shoe sculptures

After my graduation at the Design Academy of Budapest in 1987 my activity has got a deep addiction to shoes.

I create shoe sculptures in my atelier. I use traditional shoemaking technics, make the pattern, cut, sew the upper part, make the sole, heel, mix leather with fur and textiles, rubber, metal and artificial materials like plastic.

These pieces are design samples which stand to the level of art – a special concept to trendforecasts. This is my individual artistic line.

These objects of art can be applied to industrial manufacture production after a special re-design. As time goes by I go through several periods so there are different type of collections: Puzzle, Curly & Geometric, My Furnitures, Eclectic Romantica, Barokoko, Abstract & Rags, Ink spots series.

« A shoe is an art-object. Beyond functionalism there’s an abstract presence of the shoe. I am looking for the possible widest range of abstraction in shoe design. »

Unidentified Flying Object 2003-85 / Puzzle series

“The lines between the work of the cobbler, fashion designer and artist are often blurred. These creators are in constant dialog with one other and also inspire each other. Thus, some shoes are specially designed, but still wearable fashion pieces, while other shoes are pure objects of art.”  source: a quote from the german Schuhtick exhibition press release 2008

Lace table cloth 2001-66 / Geometria
Christmas tree 2002 / Curves & circles

Artistic collab with Serena Graham fashion designer « Art is eternal » 2019 AW

Emplacement Budapest Hungary, Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail Heures copyright 2019 Attalai Zita photo credits / Almási J. Csaba - Jederán György - Kis István - Mester Tibor - Zsuffa Csaba
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