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Shoe sculptures and unique accessory designs of Unanotte brand installed in B32 Gallery 30th Sept.-22nd Oct. 2021
More about the artworks and the RAL exhibition

The chairman of the foundation called « Mentsük meg a szögedi papucsot! »Szegedi Papucsért Alapítvány, Mr.Szögi Csaba announced the Szeged Slippers Goodwill Ambassador Program which was launched in 2020. The first selected representative is Márta Sebestyén, the Ferenc Liszt-, Kossuth-, and the Prima Primissima Prize-winner singer. The foundation donated two pairs of szegedi slippers to the celebrity: one pair of Sallay Handmade traditional style and one pair were choosen from the « Reloaded collection ».

Advent in Beijing 2019

For the 70th anniversary of hungarian-chinese diplomatic relationship the Hungarian Advent Ball was held in Beijing, China at Landmark Hotel on the 4th December 2019. The event was surrounded by a gastro-cultural festival representing the hungarian cuisine and national heritages of Hungary.
The event was organized by the Hungarian Cultural Institute of Beijing, Szonja A. Buslig Ph.D. director

Festive commemoration at Consulate General of Hungary in New York USA / exhibition of hungarian national traditions 10th November 2019

H.E. Mr. István Pásztor, Consul General of Hungary opened the 4th Hungarian Heritage Festival at the Hungarian House in New York
The 13th November is the Hungarian Language Day, decided by the Parliament in 2011. It was on that day in 1844, when legislation declared Hungarian as the official language of the State. Ambassador Pásztor underlined in his welcoming remarks, that our language is the main part of our cultural heritage and also the base of our national identity.

Opening ceremony of the Budapest Design Week 2019 / The Hungarian Design Award Exhibition 3th October 2019 vernissage, Hagyományok Háza Budapest

HeelGood was presented within the best 50 hungarian design products of the year 2019

33. Festival of Folk Arts / Buda Castle 20-23th August 2019 organized by NESZ Szegedi slippers outdoor exhibition « Footwear in focus » at the folk festival, more…

Szegedi slippers « Reloaded » 1.0 collection was presented on the festival

« Myshoememory » Author – Reader meeting at Vince Books 11th April 2019 6 p.m.

Zita Attalai shoe designer and Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale curator first speak about the Shoememory party board game collection’s developing works in public. The background research on history of the shoe as clothing accessory, the cocept of the educational aid which were published in 2018 in Hungary. Game developers welcome everyone to a cozy writer-reader meeting which will also a possibility to dedicate copies of the first edition. Location: Vince Books Krisztina Bookshop 1013 Budapest Krisztina krt. 34.

Ferenczy Noémi Award Ceremony 2019 Budapest, Pesti Vigadó, Budapest, Hungary

On the occasion of the 15th March National Day Prof.Dr. Miklós Kásler – Minister of Human Resources and Péter Fekete – Secretary of State for Culture – presented state awards to hungarian artists. Among them Zita accepted the Ferenczy Noémi Award for her outstanding work in design.
photo: Bartos Gyula

UNESCO National cultural heritage list Ceremony 2018 Budapest Parliament

The living tradition of our national heritage the so-called « szegedi slippers » has been signed on UNESCO National Cultural Heritage List. The news was announced officially on 14th September 2018 at the hungarian Parliament. ( from left: Attalai Zita designer is representing the innovation of the object, Szögi Csaba is the Chairman of »Mentsük meg a szögedi papucsot! »Szegedi Papucsért Alapítvány, Dr.Bárkányi Ildikó, director and historian of Móra Ferenc Museum-Szeged, Illés Vanda – Hagyományok Háza, Dr. Csonka-Takács Eszter director Szellemi Kulturális Örökség Igazgatóság )
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