Splash collection 2019 S/S

« DONE. Flourish around » is a value-based design footwear brand founded by women for women to attract attention by its artistic approach. DONE footwear comes from a fusion of art, tradition and comfort. DONE revitalizes eternal elegance with premium materials and perfect shapes. The responsibly-make design, forward-thinking and innovative way facilitate the DONE shoe style make them durable, transparent for all women by supporting slow fashion.

We offer different styles for different multi-purpose everyday life situation. We have a vision to provide women an extraordinary change in their everyday outfits all day long from the early morning through business hours till late night events. In the world of fashion accessories the shoe can express much about our human quality standards, our moral statement, our taste and thinking about the world without words.

Our mission is to make women believe in their feminine power, influence their environment, create small active communities. The DONE footwear approach supports women to be stable and full of energy to make their life flourish. 

« Flourish around. We have done so. »

Our « premiére » collection 2019 S/S titled « Ink is flowing on the table ». The main inspiration was the Puzzle and Abstract series of Attalai Zita’ individual artistic line shoe-sculptures.

All pieces were designed, developed and produced with hand-crafted special care in EU based shoe factory under ethical circumstances. The main and lining materials are premium quality genuine leathers from italian suppliers.

photo: Almási Jonathan Csaba / styling: Parádi Gabriella / scene: VA Design Center Budapest / graphic image branding: Flying Object Design Studio

Emplacement Budapest Hungary, Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail attalaizita@gmail.com Heures copyright 2019 Attalai Zita photo credits / Almási J. Csaba - Jederán György - Kis István - Mester Tibor - Zsuffa Csaba
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