SHOE SCULPTURES are my individual object of art


The szegedi slippers « Reloaded » artistic collaboration Sallay Handmade

MYSHOEMEMORY memory party board game focuses on shoe design

DONE. FLOURISH AROUND industrial shoe design / Splash capsule collection 2019

Showpieces for Serena Graham collection « Art is eternal » 2019 AW

HEELGOOD is a flexible shoe-counter protector for drivers

design development project from the idea to brand image book

DONE Flourish around Bridal shoes collection for HALASZEVA Collection Haute Couture Salon 2020/21, artistic collab with Halász Éva fashion designer

The collection debutes on CEWES Bridal Exhibition and Trade Fair, Budapest Hungexpo 2019 October
Emplacement Budapest Hungary, Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail Heures copyright 2023 Attalai Zita photo credits | Almási J. Csaba | Jederán György | Kis István | Mester Tibor | Zsuffa Csaba | graphics: Zsuffa Zsanna Lídia | Gyulavári Gyula |
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