Catalogue book of the 2nd NATIONAL SALON of APPLIED ARTS and DESIGN 2022 Műcsarnok | Kunsthalle Budapest

  « SHOES Fashion & desire » selected by Miquel Abellán, published by MONSA Editores Barcelona, Spain 2011

Workman Gallery SHOE Calendar 2003-2006 selected by Leora Kahn published by Workman Publishing Co. New York, USA 2003-2006

« El Gran Libro del Cuero » by Lineaeditorial Co. Barcelona published by Lexus Editores, Barcelona Spain 2010

« A divatról komolyan » by Csipes Antal / Balassi Kiadó Budapest Hungary 2011

„Arte delle Scarpe” by Marie J. Bossan published by Gribaudo / Florence, Italy 2006

« A Thousand Years of Art in Hungary » published by Corvina Kiadó / Budapest Hungary 2009

„SCHUHTICK” Book published by Philipp von Zabern, Mainz am Rhein Germany 2009

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