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« MÁS-KÉP Szabó Erikával » interview with Zita in hungarian language DABAS TV 2021.11.11.

Fashion and Design by Andrea Orosz | DUNA TV « RAL » exhibition riport at B32 Gallery & Cultural space | Budapest | 15th October 2021

Portrait film about the creator of the Szegedi Slippers Reloaded Collection 1.0 / TRAFIK KÖR Contemporary Art Association film by Mark Szeltner 2019

Sallay Tibor artisan / Sallay Handmade 2019
Artistic collaboration on « Reloaded »Szegedi Slippers collection

Szegedi Slippers in the 21th century, the original authentic technology made by Sallay cordwainer keeps the secrets of the ancient national relic. Artistic collab with Sallay Handmade Manufacture launched the Reloaded Collection by Zita Attalai shoe designer

« Régi-Új szegedi papucs » Aperti Films 2016.12.02.

Szeged 365 Interview with Sallay Tibor cordwainer, artisanal, theme: Szegedi slippers heritage

« Ridikül » DUNA TV Budapest 2018.06.12.

Szeged TV riport on Szegedi slippers’ Day 2019.02.06.

Riportage by Koos Agnes / photo: Kakas Mihàly

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