National Heritage

Artistic collaboration with Sallay Handmade Manufacture

Szegedi slippers « Reloaded » collection 20182019

The so-called « szegedi slippers » are one of the renowned national cultural heritage of Hungary. The living tradition of creating, wearing, using this shoe-style has been signed on UNESCO National Cultural Heritage List last year. The great news was announced officially on 14th September 2018 at the hungarian Parliament.

Sallay Handmade – Bridal szegedi slippers, original 2015

The shape and the visuality came from the time of the turkish occupation in Hungary and soon it became an accessory piece of the national ethnic outfits. Nowadays the technic of the handcrafted production process is fading away. There are only a few cobbler who knows the sewn sole and heel fixing process by hand.

Sallay Tibor / hand sewing n.18 of the « Reloaded » collection 2018

My cultural mission is to draw attention to this unique piece of footwear accessory so I designed a new line and created a capsule collection titled « Reloaded ». I imagine my new styles will be a part of the cosmopolitan fashion trends and excites the fantasy of a shoe-addict woman.

Sallay Tibor artisan / Sallay Handmade 2019
Artistic collaboration on « Reloaded »Szegedi Slippers collection

« Szegedi Slippers Reloaded 2018 »

My partner in this work is Sallay Tibor artisan from Szeged who created my designs in his manufacture. The embroidery works were realized in an industrial embroidery factory with the expert Éva Szeles near Baja, Hungary.

DAALARNA FOLK Collection 2020 / by Anita Benes artistic collab for image campaign shooting

« Tradition and modernity, old and new meet in the new DAALARNA FOLK collection, which combines Hungarian folk art with the femininity and sophistication of Daalarna style. »source: Benes Anita AD / DAALARNA Couture / Photo: Papp-Schneider Photography / source: / 2019. October 12.

Somewhere in a London based apartment…

Poppy-field in springtime in Hungary

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